Interview in Tironas Magazine

I recently recieve the second issue of "Tironas" (a Lithuanian underground music magazine, in which I participated answering some questions) and liked it very much, interesting interviews, good content and beautiful design! A video preview can be watched in youtube: And here is the text of the article & interview about Aura Noctis: Aura Noctis is a project that for some unknown reason alluded my attention for far too long. All I can say is that after finally tracking down one of their releases I became an almost instant fanatic for their highly unique soundscapes. Olga the creator and driving force behind the project answered some of my queries. What was your musical journey that lead to your interest in and ultimate recording within an underground culture of neoclassical/darkwave music? Neoclassical / Darkwave is surely one of my favourites music genres. I also like very much other styles such as film music, new age, piano solo, and classical music. In general, Read more [...]

Attich Ebulum – compilation

On october, 31, Attich Ebulum was released by the netlabel Santa Sangre. It’s a compilation including 41 tracks and a booklet with info & interviews, featuring female artists & projects in the worldwide alternative underground, in genres like darkwave, ethereal, ambient, neofolk, etc. Project is dedicated to Sidonia von Borcke and women in contemporary underground & alternative music. I was invited and participated with my song "Esperar la Esperanza”. All proceeds from the purchase of this compilation will be given to the Polish charity foundation Koci Pazur - Cat's Claw. More info & available in Bandcamp. Video Teaser: Read more [...]


Gothic Paradise: Aura Noctis (English) 26/03/2014 - bands: Aura Noctis (Russian) 24/03/2014 - Nuevas Músicas: Aura Noctis - Itineris I (2011) (Spanish) ¿?/12/2013 - Wolfhall: Aura Noctis - Vitae Proelium (German & English) 16/06/2013 - Heathen Harvest: Aura Noctis - Vitae Proelium (Inglés) 30/05/2013 - Blog de un ecologista: Esperar la Esperanza (Spanish) 25/02/2013 - Mentenebre: Aura Noctis "Vitae Proelium" (Spanish) 26/01/2013 - Darkitalia: Aura Noctis Vitae Proelium (Italian) 28/12/2012 - La letra capital: Aura Noctis Vitae Proelium (Spanish) 24/04/2012 - RADIODRONE.RU: Aura Noctis - Itineris I (Russian) 15/04/2012 - ALTERGOTHIC.PL: Aura Noctis - Itineris I (2011) (Polish) 21/10/2011 - AURA NOCTIS, 21 de octubre de 2011, Museo del Romanticismo (SGM), Madrid (Spanish) 18/10/2011 - La Defunción: Aura Noctis "Itineris I" 2011 Gradual Hate & Twilight records CD (Spanish) 13/09/2011 - Lux Atenea Webzine: Aura Read more [...]


Vitae Proelium (2012) Tracklist: 1. Windtro 2. Vitae Proelium 3. El Cantar de las Hojas 4. Inner Chaos 5. Dances of the Soul 6. Amissi 7. Frater Mortis 8. Lautir 9. Arevaci 10. Verna 11. Un Lugar 12. Quimera 13. Omnia in Anima Manent Release date: December 2012. Line-up: Olga B.: piano, vocals, composition & arrangements Pilar Molina: cello, vocals Rubén G.: drums, flutes, whistles, vocals Fernando O. Paíno: drums Carmen R. Revuelta: oboe Recorded and mixed by Aura Noctis jul-oct 2012. Mastered early november 2012 by Frederic Chaplain. Released by In The Morning Side Records. Cover artwork and layout design by Phlegeton Art Studio. Front cover image based on the work "Hope" by G.F.Watts. Available in: Tipo Diskpol Rara Avis Equilibrium Itineris I (2011) Tracklist: 1. Ad occasum tendimus omnes 2. D.e.S. 3. Solitude 4. Progresiva 5. Furor et Luctus 6. Erste Reise 7. Zweite Reise 8. Dritte Reise 9. Breaking Thoughts 10. Fantasía 11. Read more [...]